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Go Karting in Lanzarote

Get behind the wheel in San Bartolomé!

Plan an Adrenaline-Filled Outing

Who doesn’t want to play a real-life game of Mario Kart? Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for kids or want to prove you’re the fastest among your friends, go karting is a great way to burn some energy and feel what it’s like to turn up the speed.

Plan an adrenaline-filled outing with a go karting race in Lanzarote!


Go Karting & Grand Prix Races

Go karting is the most exciting way to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy an outing with friends. Get some friendly competition going and discover who is the best driver in the group! Lanzarote is known for being serene, but on the go kart track, it’s all about the thrills.

If you’re seeking family-friendly fun, check out the two-seater karts, where adults and kids 4 and older can ride together. Got a group of rowdy teenagers? Book the junior karts for ages 12 to 16 — these are the same size as the adult cards but with adjustable pedals. If you’re ready to drive fast and negotiate those tricky curves, get behind the wheel of the adult karts. You can even race in Grand Prix format!

Ready to get in the race? Explore all the go karting options in Lanzarote and reserve your spot online. On your marks, get set, book now!

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