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Gran Canaria Dolphin Watching

Enjoy the beautiful Gran Canaria coast on a dolphin watching tour!

Home to some of Europe's best dolphin watching

Drenched in sunshine and cradled by the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands have more than earned their reputation as one of Europe’s premier vacation destinations.

While visitors find paradise on the golden sand beaches of the islands, the temperate coastline makes the perfect natural habitat for marine life. It makes sense then, that Gran Canaria and the surrounding islands offer some of the best dolphin and whale watching in all of Europe!


The Best Spot to enjoy Dolphin Watching

Right off the coast of Gran Canaria, the rich waters of the Atlantic collide with the warm Mediterranean Sea. Here, several species of dolphins claim residency year-round—making whale and dolphin tours one of the most popular things to do in the area.

Gran Canaria’s bustling resort town, Puerto Rico, is the perfect spot to grab a boat trip out to view dolphins. Most tours last anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours, cruising the open sea, watching the horizon for splashes, fins and tails. 

The most common dolphins in Gran Canaria are the Bottlenose Dolphin, Borneo Dolphin & Common Dolphin, but you never know what you’ll come across! 

Keep your eyes peeled for whales, like Humpbacks, Blue Whales and Sperm Whales, which are known to pass through the area as they migrate. On rare occasions, even Orcas have been seen off the coast of Gran Canaria. Passing through on their way to hunt tuna in the Mediterranean, pods of Orcas are spotted by a lucky few whale watching tours every year.

Being that there are more dolphins and whales in the Canary Islands than anywhere else in Europe, this is the best place to plan a trip. Plus, with resident dolphins and migrating whales year-round, you can catch a glimpse of the area’s wildlife no matter when you visit.

With blue skies, calm seas and a true, tropical oasis awaiting on shore, a dolphin and whale watching tour in Gran Canaria is the perfect addition to your vacation! 

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